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Elder Wisdom: Staying True to Gravity, Grace, and the Given

  • Mill Retreat Centre Breteuill, Lafresguimont-Saint-Martin 80430 Montmarquet France (map)

In former times, our ‘elders’ were keepers of wisdom, and were our leaders through times of change and evolution. They kept hold of the stories that kept communities and society safe and provided touchstones for well-being and a sense of identity. True elders are soul travellers – not just chronologically, but also spiritually and intellectually: reaching back and reaching forward, reaching in and reaching out into the world and the human ecology that connects us.

How do we take this journey into elderhood together? How do we stay faithful to what calls us forward, and trusting of our own inner voice? How do we remain true to ‘gravity, grace and the given’? How do we hold our sense of courage and purpose as we age into elderhood?

Join us for some days of gentle and spacious reflective time in the countryside of northern France where we can connect with our soul’s journey into elderhood, into wisdom, and into our own time of change and transformation. As individuals on our own soul journey and with our own stories, this retreat is an opportunity to share our learnings, hopes, responsibilities and perspectives in life-giving ways; to reflect on ‘the art of aging intentionally’. Through conversation, creative process and deep listening we hold space for each other to (re)discover our elder wisdom and how it might guide and sustain us in the continuing unfolding of our lives.

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